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★★★★★ A cool social app for car drivers that gauges your driving proficiency!!!

★★★★★ Got a car? Drive! Enjoy! Compete! - be top driver, compare your driving to other drivers, win Prizes, Save money on gas, lead cool driving Community!

★ Are you good driver? Smooth Drive is BEST free car driving app that senses your car driving style and analyzes your car driving proficiency. Smooth Drive gives friendly feedback on your car driving and contains driving game elements.

★ Are you top driver?! Feel better than other drivers?! Love car driving games?! Smooth Drive is as addictive as car driving game and based on real driving experience!!!

★ Remember, unlike in simulated car driving games, you drive real car in real world. So, please: Drive Safe. Drive Smart. Drive Careful! Be responsible driver!

Key features:
★ Objective car driving assessment.
★ Automatic detection of driving, no need for car dock, car home, car mode, car cradle or car holder.
★ Challenge friends on car driving proficiency and see who is best driver!

NOTE: this app is about how you drive versus where you drive. If you need social traffic or free social navigation app for your car you may want to try waze or google maps, which are great free social navigation apps.


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